At&T Cwa Tentative Agreement

AT&T and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) have reached a tentative agreement in their ongoing contract negotiations. The agreement, which covers more than 20,000 employees in nine states, includes pay increases and improved job security.

Under the terms of the agreement, employees will receive pay increases of 2.5% in each year of the four-year contract. In addition, the agreement includes a $1,000 signing bonus for each employee, as well as a $500 bonus for eligible employees who opt for the company`s health plan.

The agreement also includes provisions aimed at improving job security for employees. AT&T has committed to hiring more than 1,000 additional employees in its Midwest and Southeast regions, where the majority of the covered employees work. The company has also agreed to limit the use of outside contractors, a move that the union says will help protect jobs.

In a statement, CWA District Vice President Linda L. Hinton praised the agreement, saying that it "shows what can be achieved when working people stand together and fight for their rights."

The tentative agreement still needs to be approved by union members, who are expected to vote on it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, AT&T and the CWA have agreed to extend the current contract, which was set to expire on August 3, until the new agreement is ratified.

The agreement comes after months of negotiations between AT&T and the CWA, with the two sides initially far apart on key issues. However, after several rounds of talks, the parties were able to come to a compromise that both sides say is fair and reasonable.

For AT&T, the agreement is important because it helps the company avoid a potentially disruptive strike by its unionized workers. For the CWA, the agreement represents a significant victory in its ongoing efforts to improve wages, benefits, and job security for its members.

Overall, the tentative agreement between AT&T and the CWA is a positive development for both parties. The agreement provides a framework for stable and productive labor relations, while also ensuring that employees receive fair compensation and job security.